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Timothy C. Mingo

Timothy C. Mingo

President, CPM

Timothy C. Mingo is the president of Regent Investment Advisors Inc. Timothy serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Founding Member of Olive Branch Home Buyers LLC, a South Florida based real estate investment and development firm specializing in the areas of residential and commercial property, including acquisitions, construction, and development. As CEO, Timothy is responsible for the overall growth and profitability of Olive Branch Home Buyer’s $12 million dollar asset portfolio. His duties include evaluating, analyzing, developing, managing and rehabilitating commercial properties consistent with the mission and goals of Olive Branch as well as industry standards. In addition, Timothy oversees administrative management of the company’s operations, organization, planning and structuring, capital formation, property management, human resource management, market analysis, marketing strategies, property inspection and evaluation, and property valuation.

For 24 years Timothy worked in the public sector for the Florida Department of Corrections with his principal position as Warden of Prisons throughout the state before retiring in 2004. 

Timothy received his Life, Health and Annuities license in 1990 and was an agent with Midland North American and Harford Life Insurance Companies. Mr. Mingo obtained his series six license and marketed mutual funds and retirement plans for First American Classics Securities and North American Management. 

Mr. Mingo has 16 years of experience trading equities and options. Mr. Mingo has extensive training and experience in options strategies, fundamental and technical analysis and charting. 

Mr. Mingo received his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Management from Bethune-Cookman University in 1978. In 1992 Mr. Mingo received his Certification in Public Management Degree from Florida State University.